Tribunal in Brno, where friends meet friends

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Tribunal in Brno, Czeck Republic, where friends meet friends


Owned by Thomas Kněžínek, twin brother of Aleš “Freeze” Kněžínek, famous Czeck LoL player, Tribunal esportsbar in Brno is a bar where friends meet friends. Aleš being a well known gamer did help in the beginning to get people to the bar, but it pretty soon made it on it’s own. There’re 5 esportsbars in Brno and Tribunal is the smallest of them all.

I was in looking at the bar from my car for a while before going in and what stood out is that everybody that came to it was greeted with a loud: heeeyyy! and then a kiss. It seemed everyone knew each other and was friends as well. Talking to Thomas a couple of days later it turned out to be true, the people who come to the bar are all friends or got to be friends in the bar and if you’re new to the place you will be one of them before you know it.


The bar itself doesn’t really look like an esportsbar. If it weren’t for the esports t-shirts on the wall and the pokemon menu board, it could have been any regular bar. Of course there are 5 screens to watch games and tournaments, but if they’re not on, it might as well be for watching soccer. It’s the upstairs behind a closed door (that’s why you don’t notice) that has the pc’s to play on. This is done on purpose. Thomas believes that, if you’re in a game, you should not be distracted by loud music (downstairs) or people. A true gamer’s view and I agree. It’s a setup I’ve seen before in several bars. Some areas are excluded from the bar section, however, still in sight, and that’s the difference here.

The game room is used for tournaments and you can rent it for group use or just rent 1 pc for yourself. In the future there will be a new setup where you can just walk in and use one of the pc’s without pre reservation.


Thomas is a medical student and busy enough as it is without running a bar. “So why” was my question of course. Again, the answer is simple, he loves gaming, although he’s not a hardcore gamer himself. His brother is part of the bar as well, but more financially than physically because he’s abroad most of the time, playing LoL tournaments. It basically went like this: they set up the bar (together with 1 other who’s not there anymore), Thomas was in med school and every time Aleš had to play a tournament he said: ‘ok, have fun with the bar’ and just left. As it turns out, Thomas has fun with the bar indeed. He has a good team of employees to help him when he has exams coming up for instance, but other than that, it’s a huge part of his life where he’s found true friendship as well.


I asked him what his future plans are and if there’re franchise dreams and so there are! Much like the guys from Cybermachina in Katowice (Michal and Raphael) he would like to share his knowledge and some basic similarities in the bars, but other than that, leave it to the new bar(s) to fill in the details. The same relaxedness Cybermachina has. I obviously asked why even bother finishing med school and he couldn’t really answer that. Over 50% of the bar owners I’ve met so far have a university degree, it being for instance business, physics or in Thomas’s (almost) case medicine. It doesn’t only show that there’s a lot of intelligence present in the esports world, but more so, the love for esports is a true love where, when having/wanting to make a choice, esports seems to win more than lose. All the bars I’ve visited up till now are friendly, open, full of passion and respect for each other and the games. Tribunal is no exception, there’s love for esports and friends to meet every time you come there, it’s just a great bar!

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