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The signing of the flag and chain of gift, how does it work?

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The signing of the flag and chain of gift, how does it work?

Just to give you people who don’t go to Twitch an idea how the signing of the flag and presentation of the gift in the chain of gifts work.

The signing of the flag is, well, the Dutch flag where every bar I visit writes a message on. At the end, the flag will be given to the winner of the LoL competition. The LoL competition is a best of 1 LoL game between all the bars I’m visiting. I’m afraid eXanimo Riga will be leading the competition for a while until someone steps up, so get your act together all the bars that are still in!

The chain of gifts is a about a gift of friendship every bar gives to the next bar I’ll be visiting. With the competition and the chain of gifts, all bars are connected and realize they’re part of eachother and the love they have for esports.

Enjoy the video, it’s made in Riga at go eXanimo. Janus is the owner and doing the honors. Unfortunately, I’m just being my annoying self:)


To see the whole interview with Janus, go to: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/155331233

All the interviews I had with the bars I’ve visited so far are there. If you want to know what it takes to open an esportscafé, how things work financially for instance or the fact that all the bars have made their start with a lot of help from friends, go and watch the vids!

All the LoL games are streamed in spectator mode on my channel as well!

Stories about my travel days that have nothing to do with esports can be read on this website. You can get to know Evi (she’s the little dog that always sits on the flag at the moment of signing) and me doing things completely wrong and sometimes making right decisions.