GG-WP gaming and esports lounge, the mancave in Tallinn!

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GG-WP  gaming and esports lounge, the mancave in Tallinn!



The big surprise during this roadtrip is the variety in esportscafés. Take GG-WP gaming and esports lounge in Tallinn, Estonia. Yes, you can play games, a lot actually, the place is filled with pc’s, Xbox and playstations, but most of all this is a mancave. Not because there’re less female gamers and they don’t come there (I saw 2 of the species while I was there), but because everything breaths ‘boy dream come true’.


GG-WP isn’t a big place like DSrack Copenhagen for instance, but that doesn’t matter. It’s situated in a basement in downtown Tallinn, it has a small bar, 1 toilet and 1 sink and anything else you could think of that has nothing to do with gaming would be a waste of space in Simon’s (owner) eyes. Every inch of the lounge is used to install pc’s. There’s a separate room for the PlayStation and a semi separate room for the Xbox, next to a huge screen that enables guests to watch tournaments. In the corner there’s a table for people to sit/work at, but nobody uses that. The pc tables have a chair of course, but other than those, there are only couches to sit/hang/lay on. The light is scarce which contributes to the relaxed vibe. The only thing lacking for the true mancave experience are a robot fridge with cold beer following your instructions and some nudes on the wall (maybe, let’s not make some of you angry by stating nudes make you happy.)

During the day kids come here, on average age 12+ (see Boris on twitch…/meet-boris-a-supernice-kid-gg-wp-e…/), but other than that, it’s boys/men that walk in and do their thing. GG-WP is a very friendly place where the love for gaming is shared. For instance, because of my schedule, there was no other way than visiting during a holiday period in Estonia. Tallinn was basically empty, except for the tourists of course, and Simon left town as well. A customer and friend of his didn’t think that was such a good idea, 2 days of no gaming, so he kept the place open for the weekend just because he wanted to. Unexpected result, it was packed with gamers on both days.


Simon, originally from Frankfurt Germany came to Tallinn as an exchange student and first fell in love with a girl and then with the city. He has a daytime job and opened his gaming lounge because he wanted to combine the concept of a sportsbar like in Germany where you come to watch soccer, and esports. For example, all the big tournaments that last several days will be shown on big screen and made into happenings at GG-WP. There is no entrance fee, so you can just come and watch the tournaments with friends, hanging on one of the couches, enjoying a beer and a game. Apart from that, GG-WP will also host their own (club) tournaments in the near future with games like LoL, CS:GO, Hearthstone and Dota. They work together with Boom esports that has it’s own esports team, casting team and official ESL casting license for Estonia. Together they want to organize events for fans to meet their YouTube- or twitch’hero’. Like Simon says: ‘ I just want to make the esports scene in Estonia more alive’.


There will come a time where he’ll have to choose between his job and the lounge. There’s always a point when things become more than a hobby, financially as well as time consuming. The point where a person will have to decide (and risk) that the income from a hobby will be a sole source of income is always a difficult one. GG-WP is doing so well, that this decision will have to be made sooner rather than later. First there will be a small expansion by including a now unused space. I sincerely hope for Simon this will be his point of no return, because he has made his gaming lounge dream come true and by the look of it these last couple of days, he’s made a lot of people happy by doing so!

Thank you Simon’s friends for such a nice welcome while Simon was having fun elsewhere😊!