House of Nerds 2.0: Stavanger, getting the job done!

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House of Nerds Stavanger, getting the job done!

house of nerds stavanger

House of Nerds 2.0, it has just launched last week and it’s in Stavanger! Successful as House of Nerds 1.0 Oslo has been since it’s opening, the management thought they might as well open another one on the other side of the country, and so they did. Using the same attitude; ‘you love gaming, we give you what you love’ has been put to work once more. A location was found in the heart of the city center, young and professional staff was added and House of Nerds Stavanger 2.0 was a fact.


house of nerds stavanger

It’s not an identical copy of Oslo, for instance there’re no pinball machines, but it provides everything a gamer wants, big screens, lots of pc’s and every game possible in a very relaxed atmosphere. Stavanger being a different kind of touristic city than Oslo (smaller and many cruise ships visiting), will attract a different audience. Apart from the locals, there’re a lot of one day tourist gamers who walk in as well, which gives the place a different vibe. Of course House of Nerds Stavanger will set up the same birthday party success formula as Oslo has done, which will mean more gamers in the future that will keep on coming for years. I’ve only been in Stavanger 1 full day, so I didn’t get an overall impression of how crowdy it is, but the Thursday night was pretty full. It might have helped Norway’s only Fifa player (Alexander Sivertsen for team Viking) was there to let others play against him, but really, that was just a part of the crowd. The place was packed and that’s cool for a first week in.

house of nerds stavanger

The audience existed of kids starting around 12 up to +/- 25. Some just came in to play, some to hang out, a cs:go team was practicing and some parents came in with their kids to check this new place downtown out. It was a pleasant evening in a full House of Nerds.

Because House of Nerds Stavanger doesn’t have a LoL team yet, there was no competition day, however, the signing of the flag happened, you can check that out here:

alexander stivertsen

alexander sivertsen, normally he smiles!

One thing about the Viking Fifa player, Alexander. This 15 year old is kind of cool. Norway has no Fifa players linked to major soccer teams and had no intension in doing so. Alexander was not pleased with that, so he contacted Viking Stavanger and explained they really do need a Fifa player. In the end, Viking agreed and hired him. He’s not getting any financial support, so all the players he buys he earns by playing the weekend league, but states that his tactics will win the game more than the level of his players up to this point, since he says he still isn’t a good enough gamer. I think it’s awesome that a 15 year old gets to be Norway’s first Fifa player on his own and by doing so, will start the chain reaction that happens in almost every country; all the major soccer teams in Norway will have a Fifa player within a year. Well done Alexander Sivertsen!

All in all, it was a short and wonderful visit where I’ve met friendly and capable people who’ve made me feel very welcome! Stavanger 2.0, all the best to you!