copenhagen dsrack

Copenhagen, your bridge, why?

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copenhagen dsrack

look closely, it’s in the fog!

Uptill now, Denmark is a surprise, it’s a confusing place that gets saved by friendliness. Left to Copenhagen, really nice ride, no idiots on the road, easy too because I looked up the route instead of listening to the bitchy voice alone, so actually made no mistakes getting there this time. Then appeared a beautiful bridge in the fog, took a picture for you guys, saw a sign ’Toll’ and wasn’t worried, how much can it be. Well, I’ll tell you, 35 euros! Denmark, really?! It’s the only way up to Copenhagen, no alternative, so you just have to pay. It got me really moody during my last 100 km to Copenhagen, cause it’s a 2 day camping budget, but after an hour, I got over myself.

Drove into the city, had a look around and then went to google for free parking spaces, thank you bridge. Found one near a park, could be nice for Evi, so went, got out of the car, saw 2 people with 3 German Shepherds off the leash, cool, Evi can be off too, walked into the park and then the woman comes up to me, angry, saying; ’how can you let her run loose when you don’t know if my dogs will eat her!’ Thought she was joking, but she wasn’t, wanted to say it should be the other way around, but kept my mouth shut, sometimes I’m a truly wise person, and walked on. Evi and I fell asleep later that night in the middle of suburban Copenhagen, listening to people talking in their gardens and boys and girls meeting in the park, having a drink, checking each other out. No wifi and electricity, but all was good.

Morning came at 6, damn early, by people on their bicycles going to work I guess. Anyway, woke us up and Evi wanted out, so in my best looking pj’s because I forgot my sweatpants, sat in the park at 06h15 with a happy dog. Googled places to shower in town, there’re none, except at the central station. Cool, downtown but no problem. Parked, got all my stuff, went into the station and asked, but no, don’t know what you’re talking about, but no showers here. Went to two camping sides and asked to shower for which I will of course pay, but no can do. Getting kind of desperate now cause a shower is the only thing that wakes me up in the morning, especially when there’s no coffee, Evi had stopped being happy 45 min. ago, I’ve been driving around town for an hour now, hair looking ridiculous, no make up on, InsaneGame graffitied on my car which takes down the option of being anonymous, I really really really need my shower.copenhagen dsrack

Last option, truck stop in the harbor. Another 25 min drive, needed to pee desperately and there it was, a red and white wooden shack in the middle of the harbor, colored light bulbs on the terrace, a lot of working men inside having something to eat. Went in, asked for a shower and yes! they have one! So much pleasure in that one sentence and only 20 dkk for 10 minutes, I’m in heaven.

copenhagen dsrack

Swiped my bankcard through the machine. Not working. Again. Not working. Noooooo! Owner Thomas came down from the kitchen, looked at the card and said the machine doesn’t except maestro. Then he had a look at me, went behind the counter, got the key and a shower token and said: go shower. I don’t know what I must have looked like for him to do that, but thank you Thomas! Needless to say it was such a good shower! This place, Kaffebaren Havnelyst should be in every travel guide cause it’s the only place in Copenhagen where you can park your car at night for free and have a shower and food for normal prices. Furthermore it’s only about a 20 min drive downtown, so what else do you need. Again, I’m saved by friendliness in Denmark and this one in Copenhagen was well needed.

So, I will stay here tonight as well and go to DSrack tomorrow (Wednesday). As it turns out, there’s a festival starting tomorrow (Copenhagen Distortion) and lasting all weekend, so we’ll have to start the LoL competition one week later at Kappa’s bar in Gothenburg. If the Dutch team that stands in for Hamburg is still available, we’ll have 2 games that evening, Esports with Friends Hamburg playing DSrack and the winner of that game playing Kappa Gothenburg. Let’s make that happen! Tomorrow I’ll be interviewing Tanya and some of the guests and pass on Esports with Friends’ gift for DSrack as well as receiving DSrack’s gift for Kappa. I’m looking forward to meeting Tanya who is the Danish Christopher, making it all happen for DSrack.


last night drink


Morning coffee brought to my car by Thomas

Till tomorrow,