rain wonderful day

What a wonderful day it was, perfect closing of week 1!

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What a wonderful day!

wonderful day

Forced by PayPal to stay put (thank you ascension day for not being a working day), however, what a wonderful place to be stuck! Still on Sandskaer Camping, this guy is ever so friendly, woke up just now to a good old thunderstorm. Heavy rain on the roof of the car making a brutal noise, no kids outside, light is greenish, sky is dark, what a contrast to yesterday.

Evi finally likes me again. She’s been not pleased with me since day one, taking her away from her friends, park and my sons. Having to give her anti flee drops two days ago was the final thing that made her give me sad and pitiful faces all the time. Full force dog manipulation going on, but I’m back at her highness’s grace again, cause yesterday was Evi day.

evi2 wonderful day

evi wonderful day

The weather was absolutely beautiful, our camping side is at the beach and right next to a forest, all the things I needed to suck up to her. Her being from Portugal I have no idea what her background is and what she’s been through, but as it turns out, it was her first time on the beach and she loves it. The best thing she did was collecting clams. She dug them up and ran off with them, then came back for another one and ran off again and so on. She also caught a dead cockroach and a crab. I followed her to her collection center (see vid on Facebook later today) and she was the proudest little girl showing me her loot! We lay together in the sun for a while and then took a long walk in the forest, nice and cool, birds she can chase, rabbit holes to dig out, leaves to play with. She looked at me at the end of the day and her eyes were friendly again, hurray! We might just repeat the whole thing today as well.

be bold wonderful day

Wrote to a gymnasium in Copenhagen that has gaming in its curriculum and hope they can find the time to give me a tour. Sweden, Norway and Denmark are way ahead of the rest of Europe where gaming in education is concerned. It’s explained in one article I read that in Denmark, it’s because the Danish do so well in esports’ high league and that gets noticed in the media. Consequently, that attracts corporate life, which enables sponsorships for talented young gamers, which gives successful esports athletes in the top rankings. Of course I don’t know what came first, successful gamers making it on their own and then attracting sponsorships or corporate life stepping in before they became successful, however, there’s something to be learned for business wise backwards countries like The Netherlands. Sponsorship and nourishment of young talent creates success! It being gamers or game related enterprises. Businesses can all wait and see how young gamers struggle on their own and then leave to play for countries where they do get recognition, bye bye Dutch talent, or, they can finally understand there’s no escaping esports and for once be bold and get in there! Be the first instead of waiting for others, show some vision! You will be well rewarded, not only in pay off but more importantly, by being part of the awesome world called esports!



clam wonderful day

Ps wasn’t sure how to write ‘clam’ so went to the dictionary and look what it says as a synonym: ??????