denmark camping side

Camping side misunderstanding, worked out perfectly

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Goodmorning world!

Denmark camping side

At this wonderful  new camping side near Aarenbraa, huge misunderstanding last night:). Asked somebody in town if there’re places you can camp for free and he said: just go up to a camping side and park in the parkinglot, you’ll have wifi as well. Sounds like a plan, off Evi and I went, found a beautiful fjord place again and set up the car at the lot. All fine, internet password, nice and clean toilet and paid showers, so wouldn’t be stealing facilities. Took Evi for a walk and saw ducks in salt water! Tasted the water, was really salt, never seen that before! All was perfect, had a wonderful evening, got in my PJ’s and as I was about to turn off the light, the camping boss knocked on the window. Apparently you cannot sleep on a parkinglot and use wifi. The guy was really friendly though, said we could stay till the morning, pay and relax. And so we did. We had a nice talk this morning, no angry boss at all, can stay till 12 and charge my phones and laptop and he gave me a severely needed wake up coffee. So, if you’re ever looking for a beautiful camping side about 45 min from the German border in a fjord, good facilities, go to camping Sandskaer! Dogs are allowed, lots of stuff to do for kids, so easy on the parents.

denmark camping side

Will drive up north today to Ordense, halfway to Copenhagen and DSrack, and check that place out. It’s Saturday, let’s see what the Danish are up to in the weekend. Tried to upload vids last night, however, made by phone and too large to upload, so mini vids on the way! Figuring this road life out more and more every day, will be a true traveler in a couple of weeks. Already accepted my nails brake and nailpolish doesn’t stay on for long, hair looks weird and outfits? Let’s forget about outfits for the next couple of months, let alone a healthy diet (excellent cookies in Denmark)!

Also, really great, House of Nerds Oslo invited me to their second bar in Stavanger, so detour within my timeline, great!

HEADLINE!, NEW DEVELOPMENTS: I can stay another day and do some translation work for the camping! Ordense, we’ll just see what you do on a Sunday😊