Day 1, so far for theory, been a great day though!

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Day 1  So far for theory!

waking up

After spending my first night in the car, test sleep, I woke up by the sound of cars and people being busy. Opened up 1 curtain and at 07h30, the world around me was going to work, getting ready to do something, being annoyed by the tractor at the traffic light that took way too long to start up. Little rabbits hopping on the field to my right, Evi wanting to catch them, wiggling her tail and drooling in front of the window. Not happening Evi:). I felt like not being part of it all, sitting in my car, my home for the next 6 months, in my pajamas, curtains closed, covered by my duvet, first cigarette of the day and red bull to wake up, it felt great!

After testing everything (again), it was finally time to start the stream, bit nervous, but except for the twitch link it all worked, hurray! Typed in Hamburg on my routeplanner, straight road for 3 hours it said, no problem. 1 Hour passed, stream still on, 2 hours passed, 3,5 hours passed, I’m in a driving mood, focused on the road, many traffic jams (Achtung Stau!) the bitchy voice on the routeplanner hasn’t spoken in a while, no sign of Hamburg on the road signs yet, let’s check. It’s safe to say I’m happy my system got overheated a couple of minutes back. The words that came out of my mouth are not to be repeated ever. Routeplanner had quit for some reason and I was halfway to Berlin. Berlin is east, Hamburg is north. 2 9 celcius outside, +100 celcius in my car, evi not happy, tank almost empty, why am I so stupid! Thank Djezus I saw the road sign for Hanover after a couple of minutes. Took me through this small village where I saw this sign:


WHY??????????? (frauen = women)


After a while I was back on track, only 319 km to go, the original km from Hengelo was 318. Shout out for me!

Finally arrived in Hamburg at 18h30, fell into Chris’ arms, made it! Chris is a really great person! Funny and very dedicated to esports and, like it seems to be everywhere, having a fulltime job and doing all of this and more in his spare time (his girlfriend is still hanging in there:). He’s got a great gift prepared for Denmark!, you’ll find out next week, and we talked for about 2 hours at the bar where Esports with Friends holds their weekly session, see: and

The esports with friends weekly event is still on Wednesday nights, however, will change to Thursdays coming June (15 or later), check their facebook:

Also, Chris was really great letting me sleep in his apartment!! This is what Paypal does: I thought it really really smart to put all my money on my paypal account so when I’d get robbed or loose my wallet, there’d be no money to withdraw. Sounds like a plan! But no! When you upload money to your paypal, it’s done within seconds, however, when you withdraw, it takes 3-5 business days! Paypal, Really!! Enjoy the interest on my Plus Balance, however, it sucks! A HUGE shout out to Chris, I had a well needed shower and a bed!

More on Chris and Esports with Friends tomorrow after tonight’s event and coming week on The Huffington Post US edition by Rob Furman.

For now, I will have to try and fix this, my converter inlet:

inverter plug in

No idea what happened, except that everything got really hot and I had to shut it down while driving. Sucks, but will be fixable I think! Looked at some of the streams that came through and actually, it’s kind of boring, looking at a person driving a car, so I’m thinking of a different way to do this and make it more interesting. Will keep you posted. Today, if I installed the re-stream mobile app properly, it’s Hamburg day, filming some of the beautiful sights and parks and hopefully the harbor. Harbors are interesting places, lots of stuff going on that’s not happening anywhere else, so might be fun.


Will also install Twitter on request so I can send you little messages like: ‘in the park’. Hahahaha, I don’t get twitter, but will give it a try!

Talk later guys,


Caro and Evi



Ps Evi is sad, she misses her friends and thinks I’m the worst person in the world!