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The European Esportscafé Roadtrip hitting the road!

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Finally tomorrow, May 22, InsaneGame will start her Esportscafé Roadtrip, visiting 22 countries in Europe!

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In each country we’ll visit an esportscafé or -club. During that visit gamers will talk about what’s on their minds, their perspective on the future, what’s going on in their country gaming wise and all other things they think are important. What gaming means to them, how and where they play but also the diversity of gaming, such as serious gaming, gaming making its way into the educational system and game addiction. All in all, everything that concerns esports.


Besides focusing on all these people, part of the roadtrip is the chain of gifts. Each esportscafé will pass on a gift for the next esportscafé to confirm each other’s interconnectedness. Furthermore, a competition has been set up between the esportscafés, playing the game League of Legends.

De roadtrip and the competition will be streamed live on Twitch, Smashcast and Youtube, by clicking on one of the links given below you’ll get connected. The stream will be live daily form 10h30 until 17h00 and longer on days I’m visiting a city and esportscafé. Every 2 hours I’ll pause driving to chat with followers. Days and times of the competition will be announced max. 2 days in advance on the website, facebook and streams and 3 days a week I’ll write a small article on what’s happening, published on my website

During the roadtrip a ‘go fund me on gasoline’ is available and I’ll be open to challenges. If you feel like sponsoring as a company, get me to achieve a nice challenge by your choice and level up your brand awareness in the world op esports!

Enjoy this first ever esportscafé roadtrip, the people, their lives, the countries, the many mistakes I’ll undoubtedly make but most of all, the awesome world of esports!

Caro en Evi

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Participating countries and esportscafés:

Country          City                             Café

Germany        Hamburg                    Esports with friends
Denmark         Copenhagen              DSRack
Sweden           Gothenburg               Kappa
Norway           Oslo                            house of nerds
Finland           Helsinki                      Score
Estonia           Tallinn                        GG-WP gaming esports lounge
Latvia              Riga                            eXamino
Lithuania        waiting to confirm
Poland             Katowice                    cybermania
Chech Rep.      Brno                           Tribunal
Slovakia          Bratislava                   Black King Bar
Austria            Vienna                         Respawn
Switzerland    Zurich                         Swiss Mountain Esports
Italy                 Milano                         404 esportsbar
Spain               Barcelona                   Afterlife
Portugal          Lisbon                         @1UP Gaming Lounge
France             Bordeaux                   Meltdown
Scotland         Glasgow                     waiting to confirm
Ireland            Dublin                        waiting to confirm
England          London                       Meltdown
Belgium          Oostende                   Zelus
Holland          Alphen a/d Rijn       E-sports Game Arena


The roadtrip streams:


Monday, May 22 will be a test day, streaming will not necessarily be happening on the times mentioned above!


This roadtrip is made possible by:

Big O Sailing Ltd


Red Bull


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