Quinten van der Most, Feyenoord’s E-gamer, on Suarez and gaming

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Quinten van der Most aka QuintenX


Last Thursday I was at The Kuip Arena where I had the chance to interview QuintenX, Feyenoord’s E-gamer. With the risk of losing subscribers: I’m a Feyenoord fan, so I was happy!

I’ve been following the E-Division*  for some weeks now and 1 thing stands out: the pure amateurish format of it all. How is it possible that, with Endemol Shine (according to their website: “Endemol Shine Group is a global production powerhouse creating world class content for all platforms.” ) as a producer and therefore not hindered by shortage of money, a first in soccer and esports is being produced in such a poor and low budget way!

Does this poor format affect his game and how does he handle the negative feedback he received adding Suarez (a former Ajax player**) to the FIFA Feyenoord team?

Quinten turns out to be a very well brought up young man who likes talking about the E-Division, he’s not being enthusiastic only because there’s a press moment happening.



First of all Suarez.  Why did you buy him and how do you handle the things said online about that move?

Suarez is, in the FIFA game, the best straight forward at this moment. Because he’s been added to the UEFA Team of the Year, he received the blue status (each player has a card with a certain color, blue is the best color for a player to have). When a player has a blue status, his statistics get updated. For instance his scoring percentage goes from e.g. 80% to 99%. The fact that Suarez is updated means I need him in the team.  Having been a former Ajax player in real life soccer is not important, he’s the best goalgetter Feyenoord can have in her esports team.

Manchester City’s E-gamer (Kieran ‘Kez’ Brown) also bought Suarez, however, with a black card. If our teams were to play against each other, Feyenoord’s Suarez will win.

A fan asked on Twitch: “but is Suarez a match for Feyenoord (club wise)” “No, he’s not our typical Feyenoord player, but I use him in the game. He’s the best forward in the game, he rounds off almost every action he makes”.

How do you get the money to buy an expensive player like that, does Feyenoord provide you with a budget?

Partly. Feyenoord has set apart a certain amount to invest in Feyenoord’s team. When you invest in a FIFA team you buy FIFA points which you can use to buy packages. From those you get players and items you can sell on the transfer market. By doing that, you receive coins which you can use to buy players (among other things).

Apart from that, I have to collect points by playing games. In weekends I play the weekend league. The weekend league consists of 40 matches. By playing them, you can reach the  world top 100. When you finish each match, you obtain packages.


Do you think people will actually go to a live soccer game as a result of the E-Division?


I don’t think people will come to The Kuip because they watch FIFA. They will come because they saw a soccer match on tv and can feel the atmosphere in The Kuip which is bizar. The E-Division is more a thing for young people who like gaming because they themselves are gamers. FIFA is a fun game and the E-Division has been viewed over a million times already.

Do you want to play an exemplary role for (young) gamers?

I do want to be a role model. It’s important to stay fit physically. I don’t spend all day in my bedroom. I sport and am with my family and friends whenever I can. It’s not right to stay up in your room and play games all day, you’ll get depressed. You have to be mentally stable, that’s important. The E-Division will emphasize on that in the near future.

Do you find it difficult you’re receiving negative feedback online?

No I don’t. There will always be negative feedback, there’s no escaping that. I focus on the positive and just really like so many people are supportive of me, I appreciate that a lot. I’ve always been a normal kid and all of a sudden I have 3000+ followers. When people support you like that, that’s just great, I love that.

The negative feedback, you just have to deal with that in a professional manner. Ultimately it’s about the game result, not about me as a person. I already somewhat got used to that kind of pressure because I’ve been playing professionally for a year as a sponsored FIFA gamer before I started playing for Feyenoord.

Next time you buy a player, would you take in consideration his background to avoid a Suarez gate?

No. If that player is the best in the game, I will need him, regardless of his background, so I would definitely buy him.

The studio where the E-Division is held. Does it bother you your opponent is sitting directly besides you and the caster is one foot behind you, casting the game?

During the first day, we weren’t allowed to wear headphones, that really bothered and distracted me. Now that we’re allowed to wear one it helps a lot, I only hear the game sounds now because of my focus.

To what extent are a healthy diet and exercise a part of your schedule as a gamer?

I’m in the gym 4 x a week and watch what I’m eating, not in an extreme way, I only make sure my diet is balanced.

Did your parents always get your passion for gaming?

My mother has always supported and respected me. I’ve been playing FIFA since I was 6 years old and she saw the passion I feel for the game. It’s not just a game for me, I truly want to be good at it, it’s ‘my thing’ so to say, I’ve been at it since forever.

It’s important you have an understanding of the game too. There’s this pro soccer player, Wendell Lira (Brazil) who won the 2015 FIFA Puskás Award (award for the most beautiful goal). He quit his soccer career and became a FIFA gamer and got really good at it. That’s because of his understanding of the game. So it’s not only a matter of being able to handle the controller, you’ll need understanding of the game and the individual players, who has which skills and so on.

What advise do you want to give gamers that want to go pro?

Never neglect your social life. You’ll have to practice a lot, 3 to 4 hours a day at least besides school and homework. Do your homework before you have to practice, you’ll feel much more relaxed knowing that’s done. Make sure you get your R&R. If all you do is gaming, it’ll drive you crazy. My day ends at around 12 am and starts around 7 am.

Train yourself by playing gamers who are better than you are. Also, analyse your games. Safe your games and re-watch them. Look at things you can improve, learn from your mistakes. I contact really good pro gamers on Twitter or Facebook and invite them to play together. We practice and give each other tips&tricks. If you look at your own mistakes you only think you could have done better, when someone else tells you so, you get more aware of it.

What’s your back-up plan, in case things don’t turn out the way you hope they will?

First of all, get my school diploma. I’m an intern for 6 more months, after that, I’m done. I’ll have at least one year off to completely focus on FIFA because I only have one plan, to become the best in the world. Failure is not an option, I’m counting on only getting better at it.

Quinten facts:

born: 21 June 1998

the X stands for: nothing. My name was already taken, so I added the X

education: harbor logistics, final year.

girlfriend: no

favorite music: techno and R&B

time off: watching tv

favorite meal: pizza (with pineapple)

biggest gaffe ever: at high school I ran down the hall, turned a corner, slipped and fell on the floor, right in front of a full classroom. Everybody saw and couldn’t stop laughing.

* The E-Division is the Dutch premier soccer league played online with FIFA simultaniously.

**Feyenoord and Ajax are Holland’s two main rivalling soccer clubs. Feyenoord is Rotterdam, Ajax is Amsterdam. Quinten got a lot of negative feedback on buying Suarez, a former Ajax player in real life soccer.

The E-Division is streamed on YouTube and Twitch every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.