Docler and Sonicbox, review wanted

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Today, I accidentally stumbled upon*. Anybody familiar with them? I wanted to write a cool article about a relatively new streaming platform, not only for gamers, but also for artists (music, art) or any other skill you want to shine at (stand up comedy, poetry, anything). Like Twitch is doing basically. Anyway, since I like young and innovating companies it seemed like a good idea to pay them some attention, however, it turned out differently, because Docler is something completely different.

It is a streaming platform where you can stream till you drop, you won’t make any money by just streaming. You only make money if someone invites you for a private session. You can decide yourself how much you think you’re worth, starting at $4,99** per minute. Depending on what level you are, you’ll get 30% to 60% of that $4,99. This is a completely different way to make a buck then you do on Twitch.

On Twitch you make money by 1: the amount of followers you have, 2: the amount of unique viewers, 3: the amount of subscribers ($ 4,99 a month) and 4: donations from fans through paypal. Ok, so you get commercials on Twitch, but you can skip those with Twitch Turbo. Either way, as a streamer you’re much better off on Twitch.

Having said this, much to my surprise, when I filtered on ‘Most popular’, the first 140 channels that popped up were game channels. Especially since the website is crowded with channels by fortune tellers, clairvoyants, advice on love and relationships givers and so on. There’re about 150 game channels against hundreds of other channels.

Since I can’t imagine paying at least $4,99 per minute for a private session with a completely unknown gamer, I have to wonder if the ‘Most Popular’ outcome is a serious reflection of the true popular channels, more over since I came across Docler through the website where it placed a contact request to talk about streaming and making money on

Review wanted
So, at this point I wonder if my not so nice words on Docler’s revenue model (which wasn’t my intention by the way) are just or if I’m terribly wrong about this. Are there any gamers streaming on Docler and if so, please mail Is there money to be made on Docler?

Besides all this, if you’re not looking for gamers or don’t want to stream, the website is really nice. There’re loads of people doing their thing which is great to see! The only thing that truly amazes me is the revenue model.

Update 30 Januari; Docler has ended all activity on the Dutch market, all employees in Holland have been relieved of duty since last friday.

*Docler and Sonicbox are both websites by Although they have different names, you’ll find lots of the same streamers on both the websites.

**$4,99 is the prize per minute I found on the website, but the site is not very clear with it’s information. I tried to check with their live chat, but didn’t get any answer at all, so will check again later this week to make sure I got my facts right.