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Gamer:  Wouter Vos
Daily state of being:  Student HBO-ICT Game Development
Age: 20
Fav Game:  League Of Legends
Way of life: Living together with a non-gamer


Being a fanatic gamer, did you ever aspire becoming a pro?
“It has always been an appealing idea because my results were kind of good and I’m fanatical indeed, however, I get that, wanting to be one of the 0.1%, one really has to engage in leagues and win them as well. That asks for a lot of time and effort practicing one particular game, which I found out, I’m not good at. Most of the time I’m fed up with one game after 4 hours and want to try another one. So I thought about it yes, but am also a realist and knew it wasn’t gonna happen.


What’s your fav game?
“That would be League of Legends. In this game you chose a ‘Champion’ with which you fight in a team of 5 for 30-60 minutes againts a different team to destroy their base. Every round in this game is different. There’re different Champions with different skills, so the game changes constantly. Besides that, a lot of strategic- and fast thinking is aquired, which is a thing I love. This game is especially nice to play with friends and when you’re good at it and destroy a lot of bases, it’s great.”

Is there a gamer you like in particular and why?
“I really like Fabian ‘Febiven’ Diepstraten. He’s Dutch, he’s one of the best LoL gamers and he is a midlaner, which is my favorite position.”

Do you follow him on for instance Twitch?
“Sometimes I watch his Twitch streams, but basically I only watch his professional live games, I love to cheer him on, no matter what team he’s playing for at that moment”.

Howmany hours a week do you spend on gaming and does that cause problems for your relationship?
14-20 hours a week on average. Sometimes this causes problems indeed. A lot of times I game with friends who don’t live nearby, so it’s the only occasion I get to spend time with them. Apart from that, after a day’s work, I love to game for a couple of hours, but that’s just not always happening. I have responsibillities and of course I want to spend time with my girl as well.

Hoe old were you when you started gaming?
“I must have been 8 when my parents got me my first gameboy. Before that my brother allowed me to play on his when he wasn’t. After the game boy I took up console gaming(Nintendo Wii) and finally ended up at PC.”

You’re studying Game Development. Did you choose so because you didn’t become a pro gamer and still wanted to work in the esports world?
“The esports world and how games were made always interested me, I wanted to do that even before I thought of becoming a pro gamer.”

Is there a future voor game developpers? How good do you have to be to be hired by major organizations?
“The game industry is still upcoming, so there will be jobs after I’ve graduated. The only thing is that most Dutch companies only work on serious games. That’s basically building a game for a client. Client building takes away a lot of the creative freedom and is very restrictive. So there will be jobs, only not the kind of jobs I would love to have, at least, not in The Netherlands. The main issue is how experienced you are, what games you’ve worked on before. If you check out a job vacancy online for a big company, they want at least 5-10 years on major game experience.”

Is it your wet dream to develop a game that will be millions of gamers all time favorite?

het je ultieme droom om een game te ontwikkelen waar miljoenen gamers mee spelen?
“My ultimate dream is to develop a game that is the talk of the town and that get’s received well by the consumer. Lately, a lot of games came out of which the concept and trailers were really well received by the audience, however, once out, they were big disappointments and didn’t deliver. They had a lot of design flaws or were half games for which you had to purchase DLC’s (downloadable content) to be able to finish the game. I hate that.

Are friendships being formed online or is it a matter of loggin in and out. 
“A lot of my current friends I’ve met online. When I met them online at first they were either really good at the game or had really friendly personalities. You end up playing with them more often and built a friendship. Besides that, I enjoy playing a game more when played with friends, consequently, when I play, it’s with friends.

Are you in chatrooms a lot?
“I spent a lot of time on Reddit where I read different subreddit topics about games that interest me.”

What’s your opinion about women in esports? Do they have to stay away? Is the online gamingworld the last mancave where you can swear and curse without being selfconcious?
“No, not at all, all that matters is who’s the best and I don’t see why a woman can’t be the best. To my opinion, there’re just more men because we game more.”

Will you keep on gaming till you die or do you think you’ll grow out of it.
“I can’t wait for my retirement and have all the time in the world to spend on videogames!