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Esports&Fashion, can these two words ever be mentioned in the same sentence? Because of some they now can and I’m grateful for that! Not only for the gamers who are currently wearing brightly non-matching colored polyester shirts in indoor arenas where temperatures rise up to over 30 C, but for the fans too who, like any normal fan, like to express what they love, which in this case is esports.


One company that realizes we need drastic changes in appearance is ULT (short for ultimate). The founder, Nate Eckman, got inspired after talking to a young boy wearing a Cloud9 shirt, stating he would never ever wear that to school because of the ugliness and the consequences that would have. Hearing more of the same by others, the decision was an easy one: ULT was born.  ULT’s style is minimalistic, has easy on the eyes colors and a street style appearance. ULT has also been asked by several teams to design their new outfits, so you can have your team’s outfit on your doorstep as well. Up to now, the only way to pay for your order is by credit card, which sucks, however, ULT has promised me to add PayPal as a way of payment and will email me as soon as their website is updated. If you have a credit card though, be one of the first to wear ULT in Europe. If you don’t, keep an eye on Insane Game for Nate Eckman’s email that will open up the doors to esports apparel heaven.


Freaker sneaks


Freaker sneaks customs creates unique, one of a kind hand-painted custom sneakers in a limited edition. Freaker sneaks statement:” We are defined by the shoes we wear, you are judged from the feet, up ….. so make sure you are portraying the right message about yourself!”. It’s hard to explain how cool these sneakers really are, so check out the website of this English based company where you can pay with PayPal, although most shoes have the same value as around 10 videogames, but still.